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Artis provides premium software solutions and consultation for startups, institutions, and exchanges in the digital asset space. We are a for-client market maker, working closely with our clients to meet their specific requirements with a tailored and synchronized approach.

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Ocean Protocol

Faculty has been a great partner to work with. They are very responsive, provide excellent market insights and execute on our mutual targets effectively.

Bruce Pon

CEO and Founder


Artis is an absolute machine. While we haven’t been working with them for that long yet, what has amazed me is whenever I, inside my own head, think of a reasonable goal to set, they seem to have already beaten that handily. Absolute A+ execution from this team. Beyond their raw effectiveness, they are great partners who have proactively sought to create mutually beneficial situations and been very invested in our success.

Carlton Hoyt

Senior Vice President, Operations


We have worked with Artis for the last 2 years and are consistently impressed by their professionalism, expertise and drive. They have always supported us not only from a market making perspective but also from a consultancy and input side. Their technology is top notch and they are always available when we need them. All in all, I would recommend a ''for-client'' market maker like Artis to any aspiring project.

Rachid Ajaja

CEO and Co-Founder

Energy Web Token

We started with Faculty because we were looking for a partner who would be able to advise us on our strategy and also treat us as an important client and not just one of many. In our work with Faculty, we not only experienced a reliable fulfillment of contracted duties but they go the extra mile. The team proactively goes above and beyond what was agreed upon if they believe it can benefit the project. They are a team that always puts the client first and it feels like they have become an extension to our core team in a way.

Walter Kok

CEO and Co-Founder


Artis Market Making are by far the best Tier 1 Market Makers to be working with. Aside from their cutting edge technology stack, their preemptive risk mitigation strategies ensure that your token maintains stability in the face of any potential attack. All of this is aside from their best-in-class customer service which takes a long term and partner friendly approach to doing business. Do not look anywhere else if you're in the market for Market Making services.

Yogesh Panjabi


Holoride GmbH

Our engagement with Artis has proven that it is imperative to have a market maker who aligns with the project’s vision and roadmap. Their expertise has helped us immensely to make the right decisions as Holoride started to gain traction. The ‘for-client’ approach they uphold shines through in going the extra mile to not just deliver standard market making but also aiding us in finding the right exchanges, 24/7 availability to shed light on general activity rather than operating from a ‘black box’ structure and just generally wanting to align with all things Holoride.

Nils Wollny

CEO and Co-Founder


Artis has been a wonderful partner for our transition from Web2 to Web3 by walking us through the crypto market. Artis have been consistently answering our enquires and advising our step by step process. We highly recommend Artis MM services as well as their advisory Consultancy for any project.

Andres Navarre


Goons of Balatroon

Artis has truly elevated the market making experience for us. Their unwavering commitment to excellence and market expertise has left a profound impression. Moreover, their outstanding customer service has a unique personal touch, forging a strong and collaborative partnership. Artis sets a new standard with their impeccable execution and genuine investment in our success. Without a doubt, they are the go-to choice for anyone seeking top-tier market making services in the crypto landscape.

Evgeni Averkin



We have been close to the Artis team for over 5 years now... and couldnt be happier with their services. As investors and an incubators, we regularly encounter projects in need of operators to ensure their token launch and post-launch liquidity management is flawlessly executed : Artis is the best partner we've found for this. The depth of their knowledge in terms of how to properly launch a token is literally unmatched. We'll keep working hand in hand with the Artis team and recommend them all our incubated projects.

Pierre Laurent


Valory AG

We have been working with Artis since our LBP ended. Artis has impressed us with their ability to support us even though a Market Maker didn't feel like an immediate need. Through our coorporation we have been impressed with their professionalism, their understanding of the market and we have been able to trust them completely. We would recommend projects at similar stages to speak to Artis.

David Minarsch


Domi Online

Artis has consistently demonstrated remarkable prowess as a market maker and partner from the very beginning. Their unwavering commitment to transparently support our evolution and future ambitions has been incredible. Notably, Artis prioritizes our service, dedicating time and effort to ensure our needs are met. The onboarding experience with Artis has been nothing short of seamless. Their direct communication style and insightful weekly reports offer a detailed understanding of the market landscape. These reports not only shed light on our net token activity but also go the extra mile by providing sector-specific comparisons within the dynamic game-fi sector. The Artis team has proven to be truly exceptional, exceeding our expectations. In retrospect, we realize that we should have onboarded with them sooner. Their level of commitment and expertise has made a significant impact on our operations, and we look forward to continuing this successful partnership.

Harley Swann


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