Artis offers a variety of secondary market solutions through our proprietary market-making platform. Artis is structured to meet the specific needs of our clients.

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  • Generated Volume
  • Trades per week
  • Unique exchange listings
  • Expertise

    Our team comprises of experts in the field of quantitative trading, risk assessment, crypto assets, and software engineering.

  • Support & Advisory

    Your success and satisfaction are our top priorities. To ensure your success, we offer 24/7 market surveillance and customer support.

  • Innovative Technology

    We utilize the latest scientific, technical, and market developments to achieve excellent trading results on dynamic markets.

Artis is a trading firm that specializes in low-latency algorithms and advanced technologies such as machine learning, AI, market psychology, and Bayesian statistics.

Our proprietary frameworks enable us to implement a variety of strategies for market making and arbitrage, including market neutral and long/short strategies that are based on factors such as order flow, market depth, and market microstructure.


  • Market Making
    We are a client-focused market maker that prioritizes meeting the needs of our clients over our own interests. We are equipped to fulfill any request that our clients may have
  • Treasury management
    We handle the management of project treasury and finances, including buy-backs and liquidation
  • LMaaS
    We offer secure and fully customizable liquidity mining programs that provide two-sided liquidity options for your token holders
  • STaaS
    Single sided staking solutions
  • Consultancy
    Delivering expert consultation to aid in the effective management of liquidity, application of economic principles, and successful utilization of centralized exchanges (CEX) and decentralized exchanges (DEXs).
  • CEX Support
    Our offerings are fully scalable, customizable, transparent, non-custodial, and secure, ensuring that we provide the tailored support you require.

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